Monday, 21 November 2011

Resources for staying up to date on the latest in science, high-tech and technology

Tech Watch
The Sci/Tech section includes Science and Technology news summaries of the day, plus related sidebar features and streaming media.
Macintosh news, software updates, editorials, reviews, and more.
Biotechnology industry information, events, gossip, jobs and news.
A bioscience hub, with lots of industry news and resources, company profiles, and job postings.
Biopharmaceutical jobs, news, investments and company research.
They call themselves "The source for IT analysis and research."
Bloomberg Technology News
Financially-oriented tech and business news, stock quotes and more, from one of the leading experts.
CBS News
The SciTech section includes science and tech stories, frequently with media clips.
CIO Magazine
Search for senior-level IT positions, sign up to receive jobs by email, and browse lots of related news and resources.
A portal to a multitude of CMP tech sites and publications.
A comprehensive resource for computers: special reports, news, investing, downloads, Web development, job searching, product reviews and shopping, and more.
CNN Sci-Tech
The latest news and advancements in computing, personal technology and space travel.
The Computer Information Center
A collection of resources for the computer and communications industries: manufacturers, products, news, and more. Based in the UK, but includes international resources.
Computer Jobs
From your Job Searching: Technical Guide, an article about what "computer jobs" are and aren't, plus tips to help you answer the question, "Which skills do I need to get a computer job?"
Computer News Daily
Latest news, articles, hot topics, discussion groups, and recent columns for the New York Times Syndicate by Bill Gates.
Computer User
Daily computer-related news, forums, product reviews, careers and resources.
News, features, research links, IT careers, and more.
Discovery Online
The Web version of the popular science and technology TV channel. Read popular science and technology features, and find out what's on the TV channel. Includes links for The Learning Channel.
EE Times
The industry publication for engineers and technical managers worldwide. Includes news, industry resources, career and salary info, and online seminars.
The Electronic Design, Technology & News Network
The title pretty much says it all. This comprehensive resource includes a News Center, Design Center, Career Center and more.
Stay up to date on the latest and greatest in technical certifications of all kinds, at "The domain for the certifiable."
Graduating Engineer and Computer Careers Online
Packed with information. Link to company profiles (including start-ups), career advice, industry news, salary surveys and more.
High Technology Careers Magazine
The latest in high technology growth and development, geared for technical professionals.
The gateway to popular computer Web sites and magazines published by IDG: PC World, Computerworld, Network World Fusion, Macworld and more. Includes a career section.
The Industry Standard
Exclusively industry news, analysis and resources. Includes tech and career sections. Part of the IDG network.
Top tech news stories, features, product evaluations, forums, careers, jobs and more.
INT Media Events
Links to details of worldwide Internet trade shows (career networking opportunities) by date and location.
Internet News
All about the internet, from business news to product news and stock reports. Includes intranet news and streaming media.
Internet World
All about the Internet and Web development, plus a careers and jobs section.
IT Specialist Magazine
A comprehensive site for Microsoft certified professionals. Includes MCP and MOUS resources, jobs, tech events, articles and news.
Job of the Future: Network Security
An article by your Job Searching: Technical Guide. The September 11 attacks on the U.S. renewed the concern of cyber terror, making network security a priority around the globe. Skills in network security are among the most demanded today, and will likely be more so in the days to come. Includes links to training and certification resources.
All about Apple Mac and iMac computers: articles, reviews, downloads, shopping and links to related sites.
Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine
Resources for MCPs include comprehensive salary studies, certification news, forums, events, and more.
MSNBC Technology
The Technology menu includes Top Stories, Tools and Toys, On the Frontier, Technology and Society, Space News, and Hacks, Viruses and Scams.
Network Magazine
All about the business end of advanced communications and networks. Includes free, online tutorials about network protocols and such.
Science jobs, news and features, courtesy of the New Scientist Magazine.
Newtech Browsing Resources
From the HTML Writer's Guild, links to "bleeding edge technologies, such as Java, Shockwave, VRML, and whatever comes along next week."
ON Magazine
A technology product guide of sorts for cell phones, computers, handhelds, software and more, by Time Inc., the publishers of TIME Magazine.
US and international, technical and scientific jobs, and loads of resources and news for optics and photonics technologies, by the International Society of Optical Engineering.
PC World
Daily news, product reviews, how to features, downloads, and more.
Personal Technology
A weekly Wall Street Journal column by Walt Mossberg. According to Newsweek, Mr. Mossberg is "a champion of the technology-befuddled Everyman" and "the most powerful arbiter of consumer tastes in the computer world today."
Semiconductor Business News
The latest international headlines for the chip industry plus job searching, courtesy of Silicon Strategies.
Semiconductor Fabtech
A UK publication about new technology developments in the international semiconductor industry.
Semiconductor Online
A comprehensive site for the semiconductor sector, including jobs, industry news, community services, and lots of resources. Job searching is through the job banks with which they've partnered. Select the banks to search or search all of them at once.
Silicon Alley Jobs
From your Job Searching: Technical Guide, about New York's high-tech corridor, and where to find jobs and companies in the area.
Silicon Valley Career Resources
From your Job Searching: Technical Guide, a comprehensive, special section featuring the San Francisco Bay Area, the high-tech capitol of the world. Includes job sites.
Stars Online
An online news magazine featuring topics such as film, music, people, and science and technology.
Take me to your leader...
Participate in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence with the SETI@Home screen saver. While your computer is otherwise idle, it automatically downloads and analyzes raw data for potential, extraterrestrial contact signals, and then sends it back. It's for real!
Tech Tales
This one is in the "just for fun" category. These are true stories from customer support reps. CBS calls them "hilarious tales of woe recovered from the road kill on the information superhighway."
Tech, Science and Healthcare Job Fairs
From your Job Searching: Technical Guide, links to the schedules and details of upcoming job fairs and career events.
Semiconductor, telecom, and information technology news, plus events, product reviews, Web development, company profiles, and more.
The Trade Show Channel
Locate trade shows by industry, city and month.
Thingamajob News Center
Funny name, comprehensive resources. Includes job listings, jobs by email, resume posting, and career and industry news.
US Geological Survey
Loads of geology and biology topics, educational resources and fact sheets, courtesy of the US Government.

USA Today Tech
A variety of tech articles including Web reviews, gadget, software and game reviews, and more.
US News - Technology
Has sections about the Web, techie gadgets, work and career, and more.
Lots of stories and resources for learning and keeping up with Web programming languages and technologies.
Windows NT Resource Center
Search for computer jobs, post your résumé, and link to news, downloads and NT resources, courtesy of Beverly Hills Software and
News about technology, culture, politics and business.
Wireless Week
A weekly industry news publication. Lists career opportunities in the Classifieds section.
This comprehensive resource for the digital age includes everything from software downloads to online tech courses. Also includes tech job searching and career resources.

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