Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Dengue Fever Protection

Dengue Fever Protection
Keeps away from mosquitoes nibble is the major preventative measure against dengue fever.
People should take following necessary protection to fight dengue fever before it gets in body:
  • Keep home, environment and surrounding hygiene
  • Remove all stagnant water and countries
  • Keep all drains well maintained and repair all chokes
  • Avoid accumulation of ground water
  • Fill up all defective grounds
  • Don’t store water
  • Avoid unnecessary irrigation
  • Cover all containers properly
  • Change flower vase water once a week to prevent dengue mosquito breeding there
  • Wrap all unused plastic tyres
  • Regularly change water in animal drinking containers
  • Use mosquito repellents to avoid mosquito bite
  • Use mosquito screen to prevent mosquito attack
  • Use aerosols and mosquito coils to kill mosquitoes
  • Wear long sleeve and fully covered clothes
  • Use mosquitoes net around bed while sleeping
Actions to Be Fast if Prove Dengue Fevers
Patient infected by dengue fever must follow these procedures:
  • Get a blood test by microbiological laboratory
  • Take plenty of water and cold fluids
  • Bath in cold water and place ice bag over abdomen and head
  • Don’t take aspirin
  • Get proper medical checkup
Add few drops of lemon in apple juice and then have this fluid as it replaces lost platelets.

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