Saturday, 29 October 2011

What HTML5 Hath Wrought

HTML5 Hath Wrought

What HTML5 Hath Wrought
Since HTML5 runs on all modern Web browsers and supports many of the capabilities of modern mobile devices, it can serve as a universal platform for applications. A universal platform provides significant business benefits, not only in terms of developer productivity, but also in terms of employee productivity, competitive advantages and technical benefits.
"Build once, run everywhere" has been the goal of many platforms, although most recently the motto was used for Java. It has rarely been completely true. In Java's case, "build once, test everywhere" was closer to the mark.
A true universal platform offers many financial benefits: It removes uncertainty about future hardware; extends the application lifespan; extends the business' ROI on investment in software development; and lowers the cost of IT development, operations and maintenance.
Support for multiple platforms has long been recognized as an efficiency killer in IT shops. At the same time, there has been enormous pressure from business users for IT to support the latest hardware. Of late, it's especially personal, with mobile smartphones and tablets.

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