Monday, 17 October 2011

Why gamers are a great fit at the gym

Dick Talens weighed 230 pounds in high school before becoming a body builder.

Brian Wang and Dick Talens were the stereotypical video-gamers in high school. One was scrawny, the other fat. They grew up playing marathon sessions of "EverQuest" and "Counter-Strike."
Brian Wang grew up playing hours of "StarCraft" and "Counter-Strike."
"I literally would wake up and play all day, eating intermittently," Talens said. "OK, when I say intermittently, I mean eating a lot."
"In video games, you're constantly getting information about your achievements and (learning) how to do things better," Ryan says. "There's an opportunity to develop a mastery that's very much a key motivator."

Guys who play WoW ... are very intense about whatever they do. They can turn that addiction and all its characteristics into fitness.
Fitocracy co-founder Dick Talens

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