Tuesday, 25 October 2011

How to Become a Travelling English Teacher!

TEFL Worldwide-Prague - TEFL Worldwide is a reputable British and American owned company offering the 4-week internationally recognised TEFL course in the enchanting city of Prague. Upon successful completion of your TEFL Course you will be certified to teach English as a foreign language worldwide. They'll help you find teaching positions all throughout Central/Eastern Europe, Western Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.

Hess Taiwan - Be more than a teacher, be an inspiration! Choose a career that opens up a world of new cultures, amazing places, people and amazing travel opportunities. Hess is the most recognized English school in Taiwan. They employ more than 500 native English-speaking teachers, offer a competitive salary and they guarantee your teaching hours.

International TEFL Corporation - TITC specialises in providing TEFL courses and TEFL certification. 4 week, in class courses are offered in 21 international locations including the USA, England, Italy, Spain, France, Costa Rica and Thailand. TITC also offers a wide range of online TEFL certification courses, specialized courses in teaching business English and teaching young learners as well as an advanced level Diploma in TEFL course. Job placement services provided.

Island TEFL Thailand has 100 Guaranteed Teaching Positions, each of 12 months duration, that commence on October 15th in Government schools throughout Thailand. They are urgently recruiting applicants to complete their 4-Week TEFL/TESOL teacher program in Koh Samui or Bangkok between now and October 15th. A degree or prior teaching experience are Not Required to apply for this program.
The Language House TEFL - Become a certified English teacher in one month with an internationally recognised TEFL certificate offered by The Language House in Prague. This course is perfect for individuals seeking expert training in the field of teaching English as a Forum Language and for those wishing a little more adventure in their lives. 

AND More....

Teach in Cambodia - An opportunity to immerse yourself in Cambodian life whilst teaching conversational English to students in Phnom Penh - opportunities for 3 months, year round.

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